EFISDS & EPC Combined Meeting 2015
EUpancreas Annual Conference 2015

"Burning issues in Pancreatology"
in association wtih

in association with

Burning issues in Pancreatology

Conference Venue

   - EFISDS & EPC meeting, EUpancreas conference - November 6th to 7th

                Amphitheatre "I. Aleman", University of Medicine Building, 8, Victor Babes Street, Cluj

  - EUpancreas - COST action BM1204 - November 5th                                                                                   - Management Committee (MC) meeting & Working Groups (WG 1-4) meetings- Multimedia Hall, 8, Victor Babes Street, Cluj (click on the button below for the Meeting Agenda)

Official Language

                      Official language of the meeting is
English. There will be no simultaneous translation.

CME Credits

                      European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education provided 12 CME Credits for the meeting.


              Participants who need a visa for travelling to Romania should send their registration until 30 September 2015. Upon receipt of both a valid registration form and payment, an official invitation for use at the Romanian Embassy will be sent.
           To request an official invitation letter for your visa application, be sure to provide us with your detailed information including: your passport number, complete mailing address, phone and fax number and the e-mail address. All requests should be sent by e-mail to [email protected] .
            Please mention the e-mail subject: "Request for and official invitation letter for visa purposes". Please note that organizers will not be able to contact or intervene with any Romanian Embassy or Consulate office abroad on your behalf. The organizers are not to be held responsible for the outcome of your visa application

Cluj-Napoca                                                         Welcome to Cluj!
Cluj-Napoca is an old town built on the ruins of the Roman city Napoca.
    It is the capital, or the heart of Transylvania (north-western part of Romania).

    During the austro-hungarian empire it was called Clausenburg, and before World war II, Cluj was the "little Heidelberg".

            Part of the Walls surrounding Clausenburg since the 16th Century are still here today.

            The city is a major conference venue and visitors can enjoy many attractions, including:

                        - opera, theatres,

  - Art Galleries, Museums:
- the Botanical Garden:
- Cluj Arena:
- the International Airport "Avram Iancu":
              - the Cathedrals:
         and much, much more....

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